Who is Amadeea?

AMADEEA is one of the most versatile and exquisite violinists in the present scene. A passionate artist, dedicated to her instrument, she is a messenger that tells a story in every song she performs. There are a lot of fine violinists, but few can master both the virtuosity and sensibility at the same time.

She promotes the image of a sexy violinist, confident in her ability to magnetize the audience and makes the people want to listen and see her again.


Early life

Born on March 18 1989 in Giurgiu, Romania, she was guided by her parents at the “Victor Karpis” Music School, since she was 6. In 25 years of studying classical music, Amadeea has received many awards in competitions, Olympiads and national and international festivals both in violin, piano and theory of music, being noticed for her “absolute ear”.


Early Musical Interests

After graduating high school, she decides to move to Bucharest to continue her musical education, being admitted to the National Music University with the maximum score.
There followed another 3 -year Bachelor’s degree and two years of Masters with specialization in Pedagogy and Contemporary musical education, that helped her to improve her knowledge of music history, theory, violin, piano, classical singing and conducting the academic choir.

Along with classical music, she also studied traditional Folklore, being an important member of Wallachia National Orchestra since 2011.



In 2010, Amadeea starts her own solo project, called ” Amadeea Violin Live Show”, which was bringing a fresh air into what it means instrumental music played live in harmony with the beats of a DJ. She starts a national tour to promote the new concept in clubs and at private parties.

In the next years, she collaborates with many musicians and DJs from Romania and abroad.
In 2013, Amadeea participated in the “Romania`s got talent” contest together with a 10 dancers group. The show was an artistic moment that combined three arts: music, dance and theater. The moment performed in the live semi final of the competition was “The show must go on” (Queen), rearranged for electric violin and adapted to the rhythm of Hip Hop.

Winning experience on stage, Amadeea has developed both her interpretative style and also the show part which is very jaunty and manages to transmit the message of the song starting with the first notes.

Her electrifying style was noticed at the international level also, being required to perform on big stages in Croatia, Montenegro, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Poland, France, Cyprus, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Italy, Belgium, Canada and Thailand, following concerts in Ibiza, Dubai and United States of America.

In 2019 she started a duo project, next to her husband, the saxophone player Veran Zorilă. Together they perform at different kind of events, as wedding, baptisms, corporate parties, anniversaries and stage concerts, in Romania and abroad. Their project is very successful, being promoted to different TV Shows. 

In 2021, Amadeea started her new project – ROCKSTAR Academy by Amadeea – a music school that creates professional artists, starting with  young students that want to learn the secrets of a great performance and gain the image of a  rockstar, that perfect attitude on stage. 

For this year Amadeea planned to record her own compositions album, in collaboration with her husband, the saxophone player VERAN ZORILĂ, and other talented artists.